Turning On the Art Light

 Horses Across the Valley is a Program of the Public Art Initiative of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley and the Valley Art and Cultural Center. 

It features the inspiring work of artist Cheryl Goettemoeller.

Directed by Sherry Hursey, Cinematography by Johnny Simonello and Emeric Le Bars, Timelapse by Alan Aklyn, Prod. Assistant Adam Stanton, Edited by Sherry Hursey, Emeric Le Bars and Rick Cowling, Music produced by Rick Cowling and Composed by Rick Cowling and Mollie Weaver. For more information on the artist Cheryl Goettemoeller visit: http://www.cherylstudio.com.

Turning On the Foster Care Light

Celebrating foster Mother's Day with Foster Care Counts, a non-profit organization that is revolutionizing foster care.

For more information visit FosterCareCounts.org. Directed by Sherry Hursey, Music by Rick Cowling and Millena Hicks, Cinematography by Kyle Jarrett and Editing and Time-lapse by Emeric Le Bars.

Turning On the Senior Light


A Health Improvement Program for seniors created by Food and Nutrition Management Services of Inglewood, CA. For more information contact Bonnie Hart at http://www.fnmsnet.org. This short documentary is currently airing on PBS SoCal. Produced and Directed by Sherry Hursey, Music Produced and Scored by Rick Cowling, Cinematography by Johnny Simonello and Editing by Emeric Le Bars.

Turning On the Nature Light


It's important to let children enjoy the outdoors by taking field trips! This mini-documentary, Turning On the "Nature" Light is airing on PBS SoCal and features the great work of NatureTrack.org.


Produced by Sherry Hursey and Sandy Pedeflous, Cinematography by Emeric LeBars and Andrew Ericksen, Edited by Joel Patrick, Music Produced by Rick Cowling and composed by Rick Cowling and Mollie Weaver.

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